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LLsMP One Button Installation Package V1.0 Released, Shunzhu Double 11 Won the Red Packet

Lao Zuo has been trying to use the one button package, WEB panel, etc. since he came into contact with Linux VPS, and has accumulated a variety of commonly used one button scripts and panel usage records in his blog. Relatively speaking, one click script is more resource efficient and relatively secure than the panel. Among many one click packages, we prefer the LLSMP one click package shared by webmaster w0w. It adopts the Linux+Litespeed+MySQL+PHP architecture, and is based on the Centos, Debian, and Ubuntu environments. The one click script can be installed, occupy resources, and install quickly.

The original author has not updated for a long time, and the official domain name has expired, which was preemptively registered by Mr. Tang LLsMP This excellent script can be used by more users. Lao Zuo invited @ Shui Qingliu to help update the original 0.6 version of the data source (many of them have failed, and many of them cannot be downloaded in China). At the same time, since many sources have been upgraded to various new versions, and most CMS have high requirements for the system environment, we build on the original version, A lot of rewriting and compiling have been carried out, and new data source versions have been replaced.

 LLsMP One Button Linux VPS Host WEB Environment Package Installation and Common Command Application

Today, November 11, 2014, we should also keep a clear head when we rush to buy goods. Lao Zuo did not get red envelopes, nor did he have anything to buy. So we made the final adjustment and update in the evening when the festival was coming. At present, the test did not find any problems. So today LLsMP V1.0.

LLsMP V1.0 official update content

> 1. Update LSAPI to the latest version 6.7
> 2. Update Litespeed to the latest 4.2.18
> 3. Update the php version to 5.3.29
> 4. Update MySQL version to 5.1.73
> 5. Update phpmyadmin to 4.2.11
> 6. Update zend to version 6.0 for php5.4 and 5.5 for php5.3
> 7. Update perftools to 2.1
> 8. Update ioncube
> 9. Repair the interaction error when installing Litespeed and handling the installed Litespeed
> 10. Fix the error when stopping Litespeed for the installed Litespeed user
> 11. Fix the error of repeatedly installing users when decompressing lsws
> 12. Fix compilation errors of php on higher version systems
> 13. Switch php ini to default php. ini development

LLsMP V1.0 installation address (currently supports CENTOS 5/6 32 and 64 bit, Debian 5/6 32 and 64 bit)

A - Centos

tar -zxvfllsmp1.0_centos.tar.gz
cd centos

The default installation is PHP 5.3. If you need to install PHP 5.4, sh php5.4 on the last line

B - Debian

tar -zxvfllsmp1.0_debian.tar.gz
cd debian

The default installation is PHP 5.3. If you need to install PHP 5.4, sh php5.4 on the last line

Command Reference for Common LLSMP One Key Package Usage:

We hope that Linux VPS users can test and use it. If they encounter problems, we hope to give feedback, and provide valuable suggestions and opinions to help upgrade the LLSMP one click package. We also hope that VPS vendors can provide short-term and long-term VPS host support, and we hope to test the integrity of scripts in various vendors and system versions.

Finally, I wish you to get rid of bachelors and get the cheap products you like on November 11, 2014.

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