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Share several VPS speed test tools, methods and judgment criteria

When choosing VPS, our users will consider the price, the stability of the merchants, the machine configuration and other factors, among which the speed of VPS is also crucial. If we choose a VPS host with poor speed, even if it is cheap, Lao Zuo believes you will not choose it. The VPS data center and speed test and detection we selected need to be evaluated from all aspects, including the sharing of existing users' evaluation of the use of the business and computer room, the speed of the tools we can pass, and the feedback information obtained after users' access.

 Share several VPS speed test tools, methods and judgment criteria

If we choose a VPS host, how many aspects can we measure its speed? The following methods are sorted out by Lao Zuo from the tools and methods he usually uses. They are sorted out and shared in a paper. If they are useful to you, you can refer to them.

First, self and user experience

Exclude problems with website programs we use (for example: Six effective methods to solve the problem of slow WordPress )We can use our own experience on the IP/website of the purchased VPS host. For example, we can open the website to see how fast it is, Let the netizens in all regions open the feedback, including the feedback from the users in the potential customer base regions (previously, a friend was asked to set up a foreign trade website, and he was asked to randomly sample a dozen customers, and let them give the website access speed evaluation to decide whether to use this host for a long time), because the user's use is the most real, and the testing of various tools is just a reference.

Second, PING speed test

Generally, we like to test the PING speed to see our local and other regions' PING values. The commonly used PING online tools include the following:

A - is a commonly used PING online tool for domestic webmaster websites, including multi line, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, foreign and other values

B - Card Network Online Test PING Numerical Tool

C - TRACERT Route tracing, which can detect point-to-point values

Third, software script detection

We can test the script online through speedtest, upload it to our VPS, and then open the browser to check the upload and download speed.

Download address:

Upload to our VPS site, open the corresponding INDEX page according to different space systems, and then view the test speed data of the browser page.

 Speedtest tests the VPS speed

In conclusion, the above methods are used to test the speed of this VPS, and other performance parameters can be referred to“ Five simple and practical VPS performance testing methods "It should be a comprehensive consideration. For VPS individuals, especially unfamiliar merchants, it is recommended to use monthly payment, and then consider whether to hold it for a long time according to our tolerance.

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