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Sugar Hosts candy host - Hong Kong host 5GB hard disk 5 sites 1 independent IP as low as 233 yuan/year

For novice personal webmasters, and users who don't like tossing because the website is in a small and medium-sized stage, virtual hosting may still be the best choice at present. In many cases, what we care about when we choose a VPS host is the existence of an independent IP, and the independent IP of most virtual host products may need to be purchased separately. In this way, the cost of virtual host bare metal+independent IP may exceed the price of some VPS hosts to some extent, which may be one of the reasons why some users choose a VPS host. In this article, what Lao Zuo wants to share has also been used SugarHosts Candy host Products. They include virtual host products from Los Angeles, Germany, the Netherlands and the Hong Kong data center launched in recent months.

Relatively speaking, SugarHosts candy host's virtual host product is relatively good in the user reputation, at least there is no major problem (my own use situation). In October 2014, the original virtual host in the Hong Kong data center will be 40% more expensive than the machines in other computer rooms. This October, all computer rooms will have a uniform price, and all data center virtual hosts will give free independent IP. If there is a need for virtual host, Hong Kong virtual host, and independent IP Hong Kong virtual host users, look at such preferential merchants.

See the official SH website for details: (Built in directly without entering a discount code)

First, SugarHosts candy host preferential price comparison

Here, Lao Zuo takes Hong Kong virtual host as an example (other computer rooms also have the same price). At present, there are different payment cycle grades. The price of annual payment to three years is different. Like all other overseas hosts, he adopts the preferential policy of first payment, and the longer the cycle, the lower the average price.

 Price comparison of candy host in Hong Kong data center

If it is a 3-year payment scheme, the corresponding average annual payment price is also cheap. If it is intended for long-term use, the 3-year payment scheme can be used. The independent IP is permanently free (as long as the virtual host is in use). SugarHosts candy host supports a 30 day refund. If you are not satisfied, you can make an unconditional refund within 30 days. This strategy can also test the performance of this host“ Sugarhosts Hong Kong virtual host performance evaluation and user purchase method "In the article, Lao Zuo bought Hong Kong host I also did an evaluation. At that time, there was no free independent IP, and the price at that time was 40% higher than that of the same American computer room (at that time, I lost money, hehe).

Different from American computer rooms, Standard and Pro have restrictions on the number of sites, namely 5 and 10 sites, while other overseas computer rooms such as the United States are not limited. However, for general virtual hosts, we set up about 5 sites.

Second, SugarHosts Hong Kong data center speed evaluation

 Sugar hosts Hong Kong machine room PING test

The ping speed is relatively fast, about 70 on average. The cpanel panel management is adopted. After the purchase and opening of the virtual host, the independent IP is not given as a gift by default. We need to apply for the independent IP directly from the background TK to the sales department, and then we will be given the independent IP after receiving the response, which can be seen in the panel and TK response.

If you need to purchase a Hong Kong virtual host, and the free independent IP address is relatively cost-effective, you can check the SH official website.

See the official SH website for details: (Built in directly without entering a discount code)

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