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Summary of VPS merchants' promotional activities on National Day 2014

It must be a very exciting day for those who go to school or go to work today, because they can enjoy the National Day for 7 days if they stay up for another half day. Whether you are going to stay at home to sleep, watch TV, or enjoy a sea of people with hundreds of millions of tourists. In this article, Lao Zuo will introduce the latest promotions and discounts that businesses can enjoy on National Day VPS merchants Some of the activities may be integrated and shared by businesses that have existed before, so they can be sorted out for users to purchase.

 2014 National Day VPS merchant promotion (partial)

All businesses are ranked in no order, just selecting Laozuo's blog VPS preference evaluation classification Some businesses in.

First, the compass ZNZNET network (buy one year and get one year free, minimum 300/2 years)

Activity details page:

For domestic VPS service providers that have been operating for a long time, even though there are some objections to the word of mouth rumors on the forum sometimes, as users, they need to see the user's word of mouth when purchasing VPS, and also need to try their own. If not used VPS merchants It is generally recommended to pay monthly. If there is one in use, the activity of buying one year for free is still attractive.

Second, LOCVPS (50% discount for VPS host in the SSD scheme of computer rooms in the United States and Hong Kong)

Detailed activity page:

LOCVPS, Domestic VPS service providers provide VPS hosts in multiple computer rooms with XEN architecture, including the United States and Hong Kong. Although the owner of the business has several brands in operation, from the use evaluation of QQ groups, forums and users, as well as the previous use of Hong Kong machines by Lao Zuo, it is relatively stable. This National Day event is a half discount for all SSD programs. The 512MB program in the United States is at least 31 yuan/month, and the 1GB memory program in Hong Kong is at least 67 yuan/month. The WINDOWS/Linux system can be selected for the VPS with 1GB or more of memory.

Third, VPS2EZ (50% discount for VPS scheme in the United States and Hong Kong, minimum 49 yuan/month)

Detailed activity page:

VPS2EZ, It is also a domestic VPS host business. Although Lao Zuo has never used his family's products, his boss, the "team leader", still has a reputation, and he participates in the operation of multiple VPS brands. VPS2EZ This National Day event, VPS hosts in the United States and Hong Kong are half price, and all 1GB memory starts, with the minimum price of 49 yuan/month in the United States and 59 yuan/month in Hong Kong.

Fourth, 80VPS (50% off for multiple computer rooms, minimum 37 yuan/month)

Detailed activity page:

80VPS is also an earlier VPS service provider in China. It is said that once it was founded by ONE MEN, it should now have an operation and maintenance team that provides VPS host products for 13 data centers, large and small. The 50% discount on this National Day is suitable for KT in South Korea, Las Vegas, Los Angeles GS, Los Angeles SK, Dallas, Phoenix IF machine room, Denver HN, and the minimum US 512MB scheme is 37 yuan/month.

Fifth, SugarHosts (768MB memory Xen VPS monthly payment 47 yuan/month)

Detailed activity page:

SugarHosts candy host and VPS business are relatively new. Although they are not as well-known as their virtual hosts, they have relatively purchasing power since the adjustment of the scheme last month. It seems that there is not much advantage in comparing the prices between businesses, but it has a good reputation for its virtual hosting( At present, independent IP will be presented for annual payment of virtual host )If it is used to build a website, the VPS host of this company is relatively stable and less worrying.

To sum up, because Lao Zuo's blog does not focus on VPS host promotional activities, is not too familiar with, or has not used the merchants, even if there are promotional activities, I have not prepared to release, which may lead to users' misjudgment, so there are relatively few organized merchant promotional activities, but they are basically used by users at present, It can also meet the demand of our ordinary users. For novice VPS users, it is recommended to read "novice 10 Questions You Must Know Before Choosing a VPS Host "The article, so that we can easily solve our doubts.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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