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10 Questions a Novice Must Know Before Choosing a VPS Host

Lao Zuo's intention in preparing this article is that every day many netizens will contact him to ask all kinds of strange questions. If it is a technical problem, it is still easy. Even if Lao Zuo's blog does not mention it, he can leave a message and sort it out, and even search for tutorials shared by other netizens. But some of the very basic questions are really difficult to answer and belong to unsolvable questions. The chat record of several netizens' inquiry questions intercepted in the Q group the day before yesterday was shown to everyone. At that time, it was said that they wanted to sort out 100 such entry-level questions, but it was estimated that 100 questions could not be written at present, and the tentative title was 10 questions, which would be updated if added later.

 10 Questions a Novice Must Know Before Choosing a VPS Host

This article/Q&A is more suitable for selecting and using VPS users' friends, Select VPS You can take a look at the previous suggestions, which may help you solve a lot of problems.

1. Is there a fast and stable VPS recommending merchants and products?

A: No, at least from my recommendation, I would never say that a certain VPS/merchant's product is stable and fast for 24 hours. Even domestic VPS has its own time, let alone the VPS scheme in Hong Kong, Japan, the West Coast of the United States, or even farther physical distance.

2. Do you think the VPS merchant will run away?

A: I'm not sure. Whether it is a large company, a small company, or even an individual business, it is possible to run away. Even some individual businesses have a good reputation all the time, and some large companies, such as BurstNET, went bankrupt after doing so.

3. What is the speed of this VPS?

A: According to the official test IP address, some evaluation websites provide evaluation data for reference only, because the speed of IP testing varies in different regions in different time periods. Even the test data with screenshots in Laozuo's blog is only tested at that time and place, which does not represent the speed at all times. The specific speed should be seen when using it.

4. Is the VPS host paid monthly or annually?

A: If you are new to VPS products/businesses, it is recommended to pay monthly. If you know this company well, you may even have used it for many years. From the perspective of cost performance, some VPS are relatively cheap in the year, so we can choose to pay annually.

5. Will their VPS lose data?

A: Whether we use a VPS of 10 yuan a year or a VPS of 100 yuan a month, we have to back up data on a regular basis. VPS is basically unmanaged. Even if there is a managed VPS, we have to back up data on our own, because the data is reliable around us.

6. Which architecture is better? OVZ\XEN\KVM

Answer: Even if there is the possibility of overbooking, users prefer XEN/KVM if they plan to build a stable and long-term website, but they still need to focus on specific performance. For example, the OVZ of some VPS hosts is relatively stable, and we can also choose.

7. VPS or virtual host?

Answer: Different user levels have different requirements. If the website is relatively small or medium-sized and you don't want to make trouble, you can use a virtual host. If you want to have some technical content and level, you can use VPS. See the details“ Discuss the choice of virtual host or VPS host for personal website "Article.

8. Does the VPS host support refunds?

A: According to the different policies of different merchants, some merchants can't refund after buying, some can refund for 3 or 7 days, or even 30 days. We mainly look at the labeling policies of merchants. There are no unified external regulations. Even if some merchants stipulate a time limit refund, there is no way to renege.

9. Does VPS require strong technical support?

Answer: If it is a simple general use, there is no too complex technology. We can use one button package and WEB panel, and then operate according to different environments. In particular, the panel is very simple to use, and the most difficult thing is how to solve problems after using the virtual host. Generally, mainstream panels or one click scripts provide a lot of copywriting references.

10. Can I purchase VPS on behalf of others?

A: If you want to use VPS for a long time, we can use Alipay to purchase VPS in China. Overseas customers usually need a Paypal or credit card. We can register a Paypal account for free, and then purchase it ourselves or learn the purchase process. There is really no way to choose to purchase on behalf of others.

The writing style is limited, and there are other problems to be sorted out and supplemented later. In short, VPS is a process we must go through. Even if we are cheated, we should regard it as a red carpet on the road to success. If we encounter bad businesses, we will not buy it next time. There is not much to worry about.

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