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Explain the common problems of credit card and ID card verification of Linode VPS

Today, a LINODE user left a message to Lao Zuo asking whether his credit card and ID card had been returned after the failed verification of LINODE account. After thinking, Lao Zuo added a summary of relevant experience about the need to verify the Linode account. Buy from Linode VPS The number may be less than that of some local tyrant users, because some local tyrant level user projects need more than 10 such machines every day, and they need them in a short term.

In view of the fact that Linode's purchase and promotion are driven by the interest of commission, and there was a certain discount code some time ago, and now $10 discount code It should also be available. Smart users will surely think that if we use multiple credit cards or the same credit card with a new identity to purchase, we can get rewards from each account, at least one more month of use. As a result, various speculative behaviors have appeared. From the time when Linode purchased with a credit card, it can be opened immediately, to now, there may be a random problem of account verification.

 Several problems to be verified for the Linode account

The left man is“ About the pending activation of newly registered Linode account and the activation verification of credit card and ID card "Such problems and solutions have been mentioned. The problems I have experienced and encountered that require account verification may include the following points.

First, the credit card has been used many times

If our credit card has been used for many times with different accounts, our credit card may be required to verify the account, and may even be blocked from recharging and using the credit card, so we can see that Linode does not generally open an independent account for purchasing on behalf of others, not only for the sake of customer management, And for the security of credit cards. Lao Zuo also helped netizens to purchase and recharge and renew their accounts. The day before yesterday, when he was recharging an account, he found that the credit card could not be used. It should be restricted.

The consequence of this problem may be that all accounts that have used this credit card have been frozen or deleted. (Lao Zuo also registered several new free 10 dollar accounts for speculation before. If the verification is required or even unsuccessful once it is frozen, all VPS accounts opened with this credit card will be deleted.)

Second, it is related to computers and IP addresses

Even if we change the IP address, even if we use different credit cards on the same computer, we may be found to have problems with our information association. If we use information association, we may also require verification of our account. Lao Zuo has also tested before. If you use the same computer, change the IP address, or use different credit cards, you will also be asked to verify your account.

Third, the possibility of random verification

Our new account purchase of Linode requires verification. At present, not all of them require verification, which is random. The verification methods and channels may be slightly different from my article, but they are basically the same. Some sent by TK require us to submit ID card and credit card scanning documents through the attachments below TK, or send them to the email designated by the email for verification.

In any case, once we are required to verify, we must verify. If we do not verify or the verification fails, our account will be deleted. Our credit card can no longer be consumed in LINODE and will be blacklisted.

The question of the netizen worried about the account fund. No matter what the problem was, Linde would not pocket the money in our account. Even if the account was deleted, the account balance and our recharge fee would be transferred to our payment credit card within 3-5 days.

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