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Discussion - Do personal websites choose virtual hosts or VPS hosts?

For individual webmaster users, we will definitely look for cheap/free Virtual host , and then to use the paid virtual host. Due to the progress of personal cognition and the needs of the website, we will gradually choose VPS , server, etc. In recent days, about 2-3 netizens contacted me through Laozuo's blog, and then asked about whether they would choose a virtual host or VPS I guess the main reason is that many domestic and foreign VPS host vendors have been crazy about promotional activities recently, and there are a lot of cheap merchants who can choose between monthly payment and annual payment. It is inevitable that users who have been using virtual hosts will be impressed.

What is the difference between a virtual host and a VPS host?

Lao Zuo read a short article in the previous article“ What is the difference between a virtual host and a VPS host? "The article shares the differences and advantages between virtual hosts and VPS. For virtual hosts, we may be more inclined to facilitate management. Professional customer service can solve our problems, while VPS may need us to solve most problems ourselves.

The only difference between a virtual host and a cheap VPS may be that many people think that the cost is the same, but there is no independent IP address. This problem is actually more targeted. No matter whether the rumor is correct or not, many users mentioned that the independent IP host website received little influence from other websites on the same machine. The specific left is not clear whether there was any influence. Anyway, he has seen many good websites Personal website They also use shared IP virtual hosts.

Of course, if you are worried about the difference between independent IP and shared IP, you can choose to upgrade the virtual host with independent IP. Some businesses need to buy, and some businesses give away independent IP (such as Sugarhosts virtual host Free independent IP).

Choose virtual host or VPS for personal website?

There will certainly be a transition from virtual hosting to VPS in the process of building personal websites, and there may be different choices according to our different needs. The following Laozuo collates his personal views, which are more specific to the needs of novice webmasters, and even the low cost of websites. For local tyrants, you can skip them, but you can also leave a message to the novice webmaster with some suggestions.

A - Personal costs

Relatively speaking, the cost of virtual host is lower than that of VPS. Maybe we will see a lot of cheap annual VPS, such as those sorted out by Lao Zuo“ Summary of overseas VPS hosts with annual payment less than $10 And The American VPS merchants who pay $5 a year are cheap "(Maybe some businesses have finished their activities, and some have not been sorted out yet) Many people are excited about it. Of course, we can't say that VPS that pay a few dollars a year is unstable, and many users have built websites on it. But considering Laozuo's personal experience in building a website, cheap VPS is not suitable for operating a website that wants to be long-term, stable, or even have greater profits in the future.

In terms of stability and durability, the cost of the virtual host is lower than that of the normal brand VPS, which is more suitable for individual users at the initial stage of the website and at a lower cost. If we don't care about the cost and want to achieve it in one step, we can directly and stably choose VPS.

B - Technical capability

Not all novice webmasters can control the VPS host. Maybe we are not familiar with playing virtual hosts. It may be difficult to play VPS directly. Even though we may install a WEB panel in VPS similar to a virtual host panel to build a website, once we encounter a problem, we have no way to start. In case of data loss, long-term inability to access the website, we need to find someone to solve a series of problems. If we use virtual hosting, these problems are solved by businesses (especially cheap virtual hosting businesses, those with poor reputation may not be solved). We just need to manage our own website security.

In view of future needs, we can buy a cheap VPS to learn how to operate and maintain when playing the virtual host operation website.

If it is not for the needs of the evaluation article, Lao Zuo rarely wants to see cheap VPS hosts. Some netizens are really addicted to buying VPS. If it is not for the needs of the project, we don't need to buy multiple VPS idle. One host+one domain name=one site is safe and secure, which may be better than many websites.

As for the choice of VPS host, many people have asked Lao Zuo how about this machine and whether that machine is stable. I really can't answer these questions. First, I haven't used all of them. Second, I really choose VPS products. My advice is about the same reputation, about the same cost performance, and then pay monthly. If it is stable (including performance, speed, and customer service level), I will continue to use it, If it is unstable, change the business.

The various evaluation parameters are only for viewing, and the real experience is the best evaluation.

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