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Free half year Chuangyu Virtual Machine Application Guide - 512M memory, 50G hard disk, 1M bandwidth, 1 IP

During the day, Lao Zuo didn't pay attention to what was being discussed in the group. Anyway, it was very lively. At night, I saw that you were watching the lonely scenery Baidu Cloud Acceleration And Chuangyu VM Joint activities, as long as you join Baidu Cloud Acceleration 30% of new users can get free half year Chuangyu virtual machine service, configured with 512M memory, 50G hard disk, 1M bandwidth and one IP, and can choose WIN and CENTOS systems, but need to pay a verification fee of 1 yuan.

Step 1: Log in to Baidu Cloud Acceleration Platform(

 Baidu Cloud Acceleration

We have seen the activity with such interface on the home page. The activity time is from 8.26-9.2, and there are only 1000 invitation codes (Lao Zuo had applied for this when writing this article). We need to have a Baidu account, register without it, and then it is similar to other CDN accelerations. Choose DNS to intervene, or choose CNAME to access, and the resolution and binding are successful, Then you can see the complimentary invitation code.

 Get invitation code

Here we have obtained the invitation code, copied the invitation code, and then logged into the official interface of Chuangyu VM to get it. The address is above.

Step 2: Register Chuangyu Cloud Account and recharge 1 yuan

If we don't have a Chuangyu Cloud account, we can register one, and then fill in a series of information, mobile phone verification activation, etc. Anyway, no one should not understand the Chinese interface. The main reason is that you need to recharge 1 yuan, because you need to deduct 1 yuan from the verification fee when you activate the invitation.

Lao Zuo didn't want a machine at first. In order to verify the authenticity of the information, he still recharged 1 yuan (and could buy 2 steamed buns) to activate the invitation. If there is something to play with, it is still OK. After all, he has the right to use it for half a year.


Step 3: View the status of free Chuangyu virtual machine

 MYCLOUD application succeeded

Because there are many applicants, waiting for approval.

The half year free application guide for Chuangyu cloud host. When creating and opening Baidu Cloud Acceleration, we should check whether our domain name has a record/case. If there is no record, we may not be given an invitation code, so we must find one to open Baidu Cloud Acceleration.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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