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NodeQuery - free Linux VPS/server monitoring online tool

Under what circumstances does our VPS/server need to use monitoring tools? First, we have a lot of VPS/servers. It is impossible to check every day to see whether there is stability or downtime. Even though we sometimes receive official emails reminding us of resource utilization, they are not too accurate. Second, some users can't be online every day. For example, our website can be viewed once a few days, or even opened only a few days after a business trip. If VPS is down, it may cause losses to the website.

Lao Zuo was 10 online monitoring service tools for foreign free websites and 4 free domestic online website monitoring tools We can basically choose one or two common domestic and foreign monitoring tools shared in NodeQuery Free Linux VPS/ Server monitoring Online tools, both UI and free functions, are good. Maybe you will choose to use them after you see them. Free users can support 10 machines and only need to complete email activation. If we need more than 10 users, we can register more account numbers. This is a small matter for us.

First, the official NodeQuery website

Official website:

After logging into the official website, we need to register our own account, because we need to activate the email, so our email should not be scrawled.

 NODEQUERY account registration

After registering, activate the mailbox, and then we add new services.

Second, add new NEW SERVER services

 NODEQUERY Add New Service

Free users can add 10 services. Generally enough, if not enough, use email to register.

 NODEQUERY Verify Installation

You need to copy the above script, and then install SSH in our VPS/server.

 NODEQUERY installation completed

When you see the above interface, you can confirm that NodeQuery is installed.

Third, view VPS status monitoring

 NODEQUERY monitoring status

We can see that the current VPS monitoring status, if there is a problem, will immediately email us to take action.

In a word, NodeQuery is a free Linux VPS/server monitoring online tool worth choosing, whether it is friendly interface, monitoring data display, free user functions, or a free Linux VPS/server monitoring online tool.

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