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Linode VPS host package solution reduces processing method without affecting data

Used by Laozuo Linode VPS The host product has experienced 512MB memory upgrade to 1GB memory, and then to 2GB memory. At present, the monthly payment for 1GB memory is $10. For example, when we use the Linode 2GB memory scheme, we don't use too much resources. In fact, the 1GB scheme is enough for us to use. It can be downgraded (if you are a local tyrant, it doesn't matter). This can maximize the use of resources, of course, to save money.

Today, Lao Zuo saw that the memory occupied by one of his Linode VPS hosts was about 150-200MB, so the 1GB memory scheme was sufficient, so he was prepared to use the smooth downgrade method to save $10 per month. In some tutorials, it is wrong to write that you can downgrade by resizing directly. This method can upgrade but cannot downgrade. Otherwise, after clicking the downgrade button, an error message "Linode has allocated more disk than new plan allows. Delete or resize disks smaller." will appear.

The correct Linode VPS host package solution reduces processing methods without affecting data as follows:

Step 1: Shut Down to shut down the current VPS host

Step 2: Modify the hard disk in the Disk Images option to the size that needs to be degraded

 Modify the current hard disk size

When modifying the hard disk storage, it should slightly match the size that needs to be replaced. For example, 24GB is the 1GB scheme that I need to switch, and I set it to 24000MB


After saving, wait for the system to run translation transformation.

Step 3: Resize reduction scheme


Step 4: Boot

So we are going to see how much memory the current VPS is.


The LINODE scheme for translation, demotion and upgrade will not lose data. If we are not sure, we'd better back up the data first to prevent any accident. Power off the machine before handling the upgrade and downgrade to prevent data damage and loss. In this way, Lao Zuo finished the downgrade from 2GB to 1GB, which saved me $10 every month.

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