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GoDaddy VPS (VDS) host objective evaluation

The day before yesterday, a friend left a message on Laozuo's blog in traditional Chinese. It seems that this friend is a webmaster user of overseas Chinese or TW compatriots. His description means that he has been using the godaddy shared host for many years, and is prepared to purchase the godaddy VPS for use due to the needs of the website. Let Lao Zuo evaluate the performance of this VPS.

GoDaddy VPS (Virtual Dedicated Servers), in fact, the abbreviation should be VDS and our commonly used VPS are the same type. It's just different in Godaddy. Let's not worry about that. Let's take a look at the configuration scheme of this VPS.

 GoDaddy VPS (VDS) host objective evaluation

Godaddy VPS/VDS has three environments CentOS/Fedora/Windows, and each system has five solutions, mainly based on the size of the memory 1-8G, the traffic 40G-240G, and the hard disk 1000G-8000G. The natural price is also different. This is based on the needs and affordability of your website.

Compared with the price, it is also expensive. The minimum cost is 29.99 dollars/month. At present, Lao Zuo has not had the opportunity to use this VPS machine, but for the sake of this article, I still searched for relevant comments and sorted them out to talk about my own views. Some friends choose Godaddy domain name more often, but the host is also used by many Chinese people in mainland China. This is the most contacted host company when the webmaster goes out. At present, it is also used all the time, and Laozuo is also using it. However, the DNS is not very stable due to the problem of lines in some regions, but the lines outside the mainland should be relatively stable. So consider stability more. If you are a friend in mainland China, I suggest you not try this VPS at this price, but buy it for example Linode VPS VPS with high cost performance.

If you are a friend outside the mainland, you can try the VPS of this company, because there should be no problem with the line, and there are many users. Relatively speaking, you have many choices. The main problem is habit. Some friends build websites not for cheap, but for habit. It's like we like a brand of mobile phones or clothes.

GoDaddy VPS (VDS) Purchase direct channel: Godaddy VPS/VDS

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