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HostDare Japan VPS 20% discount Japan Softbank line $18.39/half a year

HostDare, We are familiar with the old overseas personal service providers, mainly engaged in the VPS host of CN2 GIA and CN2 GT lines in Los Angeles, and later added Japan VPS It uses the Nippon Softbank line and NVMe hard disk, which are suitable for VPS that need Japanese computer rooms and are inexpensive. This May saw a 20% discount on Japanese VPS, as low as about $18 for half a year.

 HostDare Japan VPS 20% discount Japan Softbank line. 39/half a year from now - page 1

KVM structure and high-performance NVMe hard disk storage are adopted to support Linux and Windows systems (not all packages support WIN), which is suitable for business mainly in the Northeast Asia Pacific region.

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HostDare Japan VPS half yearly payment, 20% discount, as low as $18.39/half a year

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Expired on: 06/15/2024
core Memory Hard disk flow bandwidth Price link
1 core 768M 10G 250G/month 30M $18.39/half a year purchase
1 core 1G 20G 600G/month 50M $31.19/half a year purchase
2 cores 2G 40G 1T/month 60M $44.79/half a year purchase
3 cores 4G 80G 1.5T/month 80M $116.79/half a year purchase
4-core 8G 160G 2.5T/month 100M $280.79/half a year purchase
Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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