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Five suggestions for beginners to VPS host

It was originally necessary to update an installation tutorial about STARTSSL today. It was suggested that the time was a little late, and the tutorial was long. Moreover, the World Cup was about to start, but it was also necessary to let everyone see that Lao Zuo was still updating his blog diligently every day, so I was ready to use this article to encourage the majority of novice VPS users. Because the popularity of Laozuo's blog QQ group has soared recently, I have seen many novices ask such and such questions, and also see experienced hands carefully answer them. But I found that there are several questions that need reference for novices. If Laozuo's words are reasonable, I hope to give comments.

First, choose free VPS or paid VPS

In the circle of webmasters in China, we are not short of users who search for free hosts and free domain names every day. We also see that such websites are extremely popular. I personally suggest that if we are really ready to choose and use, or even to learn VPS website building or project building, or even to do scientific research, we must buy VPS hosts, even if we pay 3.99 or 9.99 per year.

The reason is very simple. Even if it's free, we don't need to spend money, but the time we waste is tens of yuan, or even hundreds of yuan. I really study VPS hard. In fact, I can get started and build a skillful website within one month at most (because Lao Zuo does that, in fact, I am very good, but I have more accumulation and records than everyone else).

Second, where to start learning VPS

This mainly depends on our purpose. What do you ask yourself to do after learning? Is it just that you can build a project directly, or do you need to learn from the basics to practice slowly? If you are interested, you can read Laozuo's blog and finally look from the front, I will install from the basic system one click package, get familiar with several installation packages (commonly used) and several commonly used panels, and then we can try to build a website, See if the website can work normally, and search for solutions to any problems encountered. As well as learning to back up the website, this foundation is enough. For optimizing the system, you can choose to solve it later or put it on hold temporarily.

Third, how to choose products from VPS vendors

If we are going to learn how to use it, I personally prefer to choose the cheap one, or even the annual payment. As long as we ensure that the speed of the computer room is OK, because this affects the speed of program compilation in the later stage, the second is to ensure that businesses will not run away, and it is not easy for ordinary businesses to run away (just a few every year).

If we are going to build a website, I personally suggest choosing a slightly more expensive business, which is called "one penny for one penny"( One of the tips for purchasing VPS: one price, one quality )We should all know that if it is used to build a website for long-term operation, it is difficult to choose XEN and KVM architecture, at least in theory, to oversell. Of course, some OPENVZs are well maintained, but they can still be selected, such as those purchased by Lao Zuo ONEASIAHOST VPS It is relatively stable.

IV. Selection of Domestic and Foreign Merchants

In fact, we can choose from both domestic and foreign businesses. No matter where we choose, even if we choose the so-called Gao, Fu and Shuai like LINE, we should also learn to backup regularly. Things are hard to predict. We can not choose automatic backup. You also need to backup every two weeks or every month, because many things are often difficult to predict.

Whether it is domestic or foreign merchants, VPS personally recommends monthly payment for the first time known merchants. If it is stable and familiar, annual payment can be used (after all, annual payment is cheap), which can be a good test of the stability of merchants.

Fifth, everything depends on oneself for a long time

Everyone has his or her own study and work. You can't guarantee that every reply can be answered, nor can you find others to ask for advice when you encounter problems. After a long time, you think we won't give you an answer, and even quit Q Group in anger and despise us. In fact, you should put yourself in the shoes of others. If you were you, would you help others learn from Lei Feng every day? We need to find answers to problems. There are answers on the Internet. If you encounter particularly difficult problems, you can leave a message or ask experts to call us, or even pay for answers.

The society is very realistic, everything depends on ourselves, remember, including ourselves.

After a long time of wordiness, the original title was to write 10 points, but the text was exhausted, and I felt that I had said everything. The main idea is to let novice VPS learners remember not to waste time looking for free VPS products. If we really want to learn how to pay tuition and buy a machine, it is necessary, because the time you waste looking for free machines will be more expensive than money. Anyone can learn it, as long as we make a little progress every day, even if you learn how to use SSH tools today, even if you remember cd today/ It is also the unzip command.

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