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NameSilo domain name registrar account and domain name registration tutorial send domain name privacy protection

As our understanding of overseas domain name registrars continues to expand, and the renewal price of several original registrars may be relatively high, we will choose to transfer the registrar to renew the domain name. If we think a registrar feels good, we may have another option in our domain name registrar database in the future. Although the domain name registrar NAMESILO, which was established in 2012, has developed relatively late, it has its own price advantage and presents Domain name privacy protection The features that win and attract many users are the choices.

Recently, many friends asked Lao Zuo to purchase NAMESILO domain names (mainly without credit cards or PAYPAL). The general rule in the industry is to directly transfer PUSH to their accounts after purchasing. However, these friends may not have contact with overseas merchants, or they may not input NAMESILO too much, and even the accounts may not be registered, So Lao Zuo decided to write the following tutorial by way of yesterday's purchase process and the screenshot of the account he helped netizens register.

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If you are a novice webmaster and do not have a NAMESILO account, you can refer to the following basic tutorial to have a NAMESILO account for future domain name management needs.

Step 1: Log in to the official website of NAMESILO to register an account

NameSilo official website:

 Homepage of namesilo official website

At the top of the home page, you can see the Create New account connection, ready to register a new account. When registering an account, we must input * according to the specified requirements, using Pinyin or English instead of Chinese characters. Please remember to use real information for email and password protection. Because no matter which registrar, if there is a security problem in our account or domain name, we need to provide a real certificate verification.

Step 2: Enter the domain name to be registered

 Enter the domain name to be registered

We can enter a single domain name in the first line, or enter batch registration domain names below. There are few domain name registration suffixes in NAMESILO, but they are common.


Detect that it can be registered, and then add it to the shopping cart.


Here we can see the clear shopping cart price. We need to choose the purchase age, whether to start automatic renewal, and whether to start privacy protection. The domain privacy protection here is free, and the renewal is also free.

Step 3: Select the payment method of NAMESILO domain name

 Namesilo payment method

We can choose many payment methods, such as credit card, Paypal or Bitcoin. We use Paypal to pay. After clicking, it will pop up, and then lead to the PP website to pay, and then see the following interface.


We need to check and confirm that the payment is successful.

Finally, view the registered domain name


Here we can see that the domain name just registered is successfully in the account.

In a word, the account registration of the Namesilo domain name registrar is relatively simple. We can register the domain name directly, and there is no need to activate the verification mailbox. If it is a new account or a new payment method, we can also use a $1 discount( Discount code - savingone )。 That is to say, if we want to buy a domain name, we can save one domain name. It only costs 7.99 dollars, but it can only be used once.

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