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SpinServers launched several Dallas independent servers in the Spring Festival with a monthly fee of $39 for 10G bandwidth

SpinServers, An old and well-known independent server provider, some friends may be familiar with the provision of Dallas, San Jose and other computer rooms High bandwidth independent server It has up to 20G bandwidth, and most of the 10G bandwidth of independent servers. It is suitable for independent servers that need large bandwidth. During the Spring Festival, SpinServers businesses offered discounts for independent servers in multiple Dallas computer rooms, as low as $39 per month.

 SpinServers Launches Several Dallas Independent Server 10G Bandwidth Monthly Fees in the Spring Festival - Page 1

First, Spring Festival promotional activities

core Memory Hard disk Bandwidth/monthly traffic Discount code Monthly payment purchase
E3-1280v5 32G 1T NVMe 10Gbps/30T CL24D432N $39 link
2*E5-2696 v3 128G 480G SSD 1Gbps/unlimited CL24D36128 $129 link
2*E5-2696 v4 512G 4*1.6T SSD 1Gbps/unlimited CL24D44512 $179 link
2*Platinum 6162 768G 1T 10Gbps/100T CL24D48768 $299 link

We can see that the corresponding discount code is the final price after discount. The fourth package, starting from the fourth month, costs $399 per month.

Second, other Dallas machine rooms

If there are Dallas server room independent servers that need other packages, please refer to the following packages and discounts. Up to 20G bandwidth.

core Memory Hard disk Bandwidth/traffic Monthly payment Discount code link
E3-1280 v5 32GB 1TB NVMe 10Gbps/10T $69 23BFD432N link
2xE5-2630L v3 32GB 1TB NVME 10Gbps/30T $69 23BFD1632N link
2xE5-2630L v3 64G 1.6TB SSD 10Gbps/30T $79 23BFD1264 link
2xE5-2696 v3 128G 480GB SSD 20Gbps/30T $189 23BFD36128 link
2*E5-2690v4 384G 3.84T NVMe 20Gbps@30T $189 23LABOR384G link
2*E5-2690v4 768G 3.84T NVMe 20Gbps@30T $249 23LABOR768G link

Service provider's computer room test IP and download file speed measurement:


IP address:



San Jose:

IP address:


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