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Tencent Cloud Service New Year Activity New and old ECS users pay 118 yuan annually

The annual Spring Festival is coming, and the major cloud service providers will release promotional activities in advance before the Spring Festival holiday. We have seen that Tencent ECS has also released its cloud launch activities for the beginning of the year. Many of our friends have not noticed that the activity density of the major cloud service providers is also relatively high in the near future, and has begun to be unlimited. Only new customers can enjoy the hot money promotion activities. We have seen that the cloud launch activities of Tencent Cloud this year, including new and old users, can enjoy the hot money promotion. The annual payment for cloud servers starts at 118 yuan.

The Spring Festival promotion activity of Tencent Cloud ends on February 29. Let's see what cloud products are promoted.

1. Best selling ECS: 118 yuan

We have seen the category of ECS sales promotion before. Only new customers can purchase for the first time. This time, Tencent Cloud released a server product with an annual purchase of 118 yuan, which can include old users. It's a great benefit.

At the same time, we can see that the recently promoted game server of Tencent Cloud still has some promotional activities for new and old customers, and supports one click installation.

We can also see that the ECS provided for enterprise users also has activities as low as 40%.

For our individual and enterprise users, we need to upgrade or renew the server. There are also vouchers for cloud product renewal and upgrade activities.

The activity with full free duration should be an old one, but it is still in use at present. Users who need lightweight application servers or ECS can choose it. If we are a new customer, we can choose it. Buy a server for New Year products, and then you can give a free three month time.


Of course, in this Spring Festival event, Tencent ECS also provided ECS services for other prevention nodes in Hong Kong, the United States and Asia. For example, we can see that the annual payment of Hong Kong ECS is as low as 384 yuan.

To sum up, we can see the Spring Festival activities released by Tencent ECS. It also includes new and re purchase activities of individuals or enterprises. If we need to purchase Tencent ECS or other cloud products, we can check them during the Spring Festival.


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