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Sort out the charging standards of shopify, a third-party website platform for foreign trade

If some of our friends are working on foreign trade e-commerce websites, they should know the shopify platform. This platform provides convenient self-service website building services. We can directly and visually deploy websites and B2C related tools. Merchants can provide various materials and templates suitable for business purposes. It allows individuals and businesses to establish and manage their own online stores, sell goods, accept payments, and process orders.

Shopify provides an easy-to-use interface and tool, enabling users to create customized websites, select and configure themes, manage product catalogs, set price and freight rules, and integrate with various payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe. In addition, it provides marketing and promotional tools such as coupons, discount codes, and e-mail marketing capabilities. Shopify also has a powerful back-end management system that can track inventory, process orders, generate reports and analyze data, and manage customer information. It also supports mobile devices, which can manage stores and receive real-time notifications through mobile applications. In addition to basic functions, Shopify also has an app store, which contains various plug-ins and extensions to further customize and enhance your online store functions.

Shopify provides more convenience than our own independent website. Of course, Shopify is not free. It can be used only after we pay for it, and the payment standard can be divided into different grades.

Here we can choose the monthly payment scheme. There are differences according to the number of accounts. Generally, we choose Basic more. Of course, the annual payment will be cheaper.

We can weigh and compare whether to configure an independent website or use a third-party SHOPIFY platform. There are also advantages of independent websites. For example, the deployment settings are more free, and there is no need to pay all the time.

The above is the charge standard of shopify.

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