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HawkHost Hawk virtual host adds independent IP Professional+host scheme

We must be familiar with HawkHost Hawk. In early years Virtual hosting companies such as JUSTHOST are equally famous and have special competitiveness in foreign trade and overseas virtual hosting. For example, there are two to three discounts for Black Friday and Boxing Day activities every year. The annual average virtual host is more than 100 yuan, and there is no limit to the number of sites.

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In the past, Hawk hosts only had the first two solutions, without independent IP. In this way, their competitiveness is slightly weak. After all, we also know that independent IP has advantages for website SEO. This is also the reason why many virtual hosts can't do ECS at first. If a virtual host has an independent IP address, its stability is better than ECS. Therefore, we can see that Hawk hosts have added competitive Professional+solutions and provided independent IP.

If we need HawkHost, HawkHost( Official website address )Yes, we can take a look at this overseas virtual host. There are five data centers in Los Angeles, Dallas, etc., which support Alipay payment, enterprises and B2C websites suitable for foreign trade websites, and Linux hosts using CP panels.

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