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Simply record the difference between SQLite3 and MySQL

Generally, we may use the MYSQL database frequently, but do we know SQLite database This portable database does not have separate data files, but is managed in the same root directory with the business server, which is suitable for lightweight services.

MySQL and SQLite are two different types of relational database management systems. They have some differences in design, purpose and function. The following are some comparisons between MySQL and SQLite:

1. Architecture and deployment

MySQL is a client server database system. You need to install and configure MySQL services on the server and communicate with it through the client.

SQLite is an embedded database, which is embedded into the application program in the form of a library. It can interact with the application program directly without independent server processes.

2. Performance and scale

MySQL is widely used in large-scale enterprise applications and data intensive scenarios. It has strong performance and scalability, and can handle a large number of concurrent connections and large-scale datasets.

SQLite is mainly used for small applications or mobile devices. It is suitable for lightweight single user or low concurrency access. It performs well for smaller datasets and simpler queries.

3. Functions and features

MySQL provides rich functions and advanced features, such as complex queries, stored procedures, triggers, views, transaction support, etc. It supports multi-user concurrent access and client server architecture, and is suitable for complex database applications.

SQLite's functions are relatively simple. It only supports basic SQL syntax and transaction processing, and does not support multi-user concurrent access. It is suitable for embedded and local applications, such as desktop applications and mobile applications.

4. Management and O&M costs

The deployment and management of MySQL is relatively complex and requires a dedicated database administrator (DBA) to configure, optimize, and maintain it. It usually requires additional hardware resources and human investment.

SQLite has low operation and maintenance costs, because it is a file level database and does not need additional servers and specialized DBAs. It is suitable for small projects or individual developers.

To sum up, MySQL and SQLite differ in design goals, performance, functions, and usage. MySQL is suitable for large-scale, highly concurrent enterprise applications, while SQLite is suitable for small, embedded, or local applications.

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