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Possible causes and solutions of Ubuntu black screen after boot

If we are commonly developed on Linux, perhaps more will install Ubuntu. Compared with the Windows system, Linux provides fewer solutions. For example, sometimes when we turn on Ubuntu, there is a black screen. How can you solve the problem if there is a black screen?

The following solutions can be tried:

1. Check for hardware problems

Make sure the computer hardware is connected properly. Check whether the monitor, power cable, data cable, etc. are well connected and not damaged. You can also try connecting the monitor to another computer to determine if the monitor is working properly.

2. Force restart

Sometimes, the system may fall into an unresponsive state for some reason. You can try to force the computer to restart, press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the computer shuts down, and then restart.

3. Recovery mode

Ubuntu provides a recovery mode that can be used to fix system problems. When starting, press the Shift key to enter the GRUB boot menu. Select "Advanced options for Ubuntu", and then select the option with the words "(recovery mode)". In recovery mode, you can try to repair the file system, update the driver, or roll back system changes.

4. Updates and upgrades

In the recovery mode, select the "Update packages" or "Upgrade packages" option to ensure that your system and software packages are up to date. This may help fix errors or defects that may cause black screen problems.

5. Reinstall the graphics driver

Sometimes, incorrect or outdated graphics drivers can cause black screen problems. In the recovery mode, select the "Root shell prompt" option, and then follow the steps below:

Run the command sudo apt get remove -- purge<driver package>to uninstall the current graphics driver.
Run the command sudo apt get install<driver package>to install the latest graphics driver for your graphics card.
Restart the computer to see if the problem is resolved.

6. Check log file

In the recovery mode, select the "Root shell prompt" option, and then run the following command to view the system log file:

 cat /var/log/syslog cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log

Check the log file for any error related information and try troubleshooting based on this information.

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