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7 strategies to solve the problem of "error in establishing database connection" when opening WordPress website

WordPress should be one of the most popular CMS programs in our personal or corporate websites. However, as a commonly used CMS, there are also various problems sometimes. For example, we have netizens who report that the problem of "error in establishing database connection" often occurs when we open the WordPress website. This may be caused by database problems, server problems, and system software problems. Here we can analyze one by one and refer to solutions.

1. Database connection configuration error

Check whether the database connection configuration in the wp-config.php file is correct. Ensure that the database host name, user name, password, database name and other information are correct. If you are not sure about this information, you can contact your host provider or administrator to obtain the correct database connection information.

2. Database server failure

Check whether the database server is working properly. Try to connect to the database by other means, such as using the database management tool, to see whether the connection can be successful. If the connection fails, it may be due to database server failure or network problems.

3. Database permission problem

Ensure that the database user has sufficient permissions to access and operate the database. You can try to reset the permissions of the database user or create a new user with the appropriate permissions.

4. Database table is corrupt or missing

Sometimes, the database table may be damaged or lost, resulting in the inability to establish a connection. In this case, you can try to use the repair tools provided by WordPress (such as wp admin/includes/upgrade. php) to repair database tables.

5. Host firewall or security settings

Some hosts may restrict access to the database server. Ensure that the host firewall or other security settings do not prevent WordPress from connecting to the database. you

6. Incompatible database version

In some cases, WordPress may need a specific version of the database to work properly. Make sure that the database version you are using is compatible with the version required by WordPress. We can disable theme plug-ins to troubleshoot problems by modifying the folders of themes and plug-ins.

7. Plug in or theme conflict

Sometimes, the installed plug-ins or themes may cause database connection problems. Try disabling the recently installed plug-in or changing to the default theme, and then try to establish a database connection again.

Generally speaking, Lao Zuo encountered several "errors in establishing database connection" problems on netizen websites, most of which were caused by too low configuration and too high load. Or the database version is incompatible.

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