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Causes and solutions of filezilla's failure to connect to the server

FileZilla, a common FTP and SFTP tool, is available in free version. It is suitable for WIN and MAC systems. But sometimes we have problems when using it. For example, the connection to the server fails. What is the cause of this problem?

First, the server address or port is wrong

We check whether the server address and port number you entered are correct. The port number may vary depending on the server protocol. For example, the default port number for FTP is 21, while the default port number for SFTP is 22.

Second, the IP address or host name is incorrect

Please confirm whether the IP address or host name you entered is correct. You can try to use the ping command to test whether the server you want to connect to is reachable.

Third, the port is incorrect

We need to confirm whether the port you are using is correct. The common FTP port is 21, but some servers use other ports.

Fourth, the firewall blocks the connection

You need to check your firewall settings to ensure that FileZilla is allowed to connect to the server. For example, the server vendor also has security group firewall settings and needs to open the supported ports.

Fifth, user name or password error

If necessary, we need to confirm whether the user name and password you entered are correct. If necessary, we can reset the new account information.

Sixth, the file transfer mode is incorrect

Verify that you are using the correct file transfer mode (binary or ASCII). If you are transferring text files, you should use ASCII mode; If you are transferring binary files, you should use binary mode.

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