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What are CentOS alternatives? Solve CentOS Stop Update Maintenance

In China, many of our server system images prefer CentOS. This depends on the CentOS used for many courses and documents in our country, and the software compatibility takes precedence over this system. But we should know that CentOS8 has stopped updating, and CentOS7 in use will also stop updating and maintaining from the middle of 2024. At that time, we should consider CentOS alternatives.

Here I suggest there are alternative system solutions.


Ubuntu Server is a popular Linux distribution, widely used in server environments. It has good community support, extensive software package library and ease of use. Ubuntu is very good at security. It provides real-time security updates and bug fixes, and has powerful firewall and security functions to protect users' data and privacy. We can see that many users at home and abroad will use this system.


Debian is a stable, secure and widely used Linux distribution. It is famous for its emphasis on free and open source software and offers a wide range of software package options. Debian is known for its excellent stability. It has undergone strict testing and quality control to ensure that the system remains reliable and stable during long-term operation. In fact, ubuntu is a version derived from Debian system, and both can be used.

3. Self operated by the host company

We see that some host companies have their own systems. For example, Tencent Cloud has Tencent OS system options.

Or you can choose OpenCloudOS. TencentOS Server is a Linux operating system developed by Tencent Cloud for cloud scenarios, which provides specific functions and performance optimization, and provides higher performance and a more secure and reliable operating environment for applications in ECS instances. OpenCloudOS Initiated by Tencent and its partners, it is a completely neutral, open, secure, stable and high-performance operating system and ecosystem.

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