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XShell SSH official website download address (difference between free and commercial payment)

There are many SSH client software on the market, including free and paid ones. Of course, our ordinary individual users prefer free software. For a large number of free SSH software on the market, we are still very picky, and need good appearance and stability. XShell SSH software is one of them. It is free for home and school users, and business use requires authorization.

Xshell is a powerful server connection management software, which provides multiple protocol support, making it easier to access remote servers under the Windows interface. Xshell supports SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and serial protocols, and can connect and communicate with various types of servers. Of course, at present XSHELL only supports WIN clients, but not MAC clients.

First, XShell SSH official website download address

Official website address:

The official download address is provided here. SSH software must be downloaded officially. The so-called cracked version and unofficial version are not allowed. It is easy to have a back door that is unsafe.

Here we can apply for commercial authorization and trial.

Free for schools and families:

If we can apply for free version for personal use.

Now we can download the free version directly, and authorize the activation after installation. Previously, I submitted an email application for the download address.

Second, the difference between the free version and the commercial version

In the previous free version of XSHELL, the number of servers was limited at the same time, but now the limit is lifted. The commercial version should be unlimited, but I can only say that if we really use it commercially, we should support the commercial version to buy a license.

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