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The FTP connection host has the problem of "227 Entering Passive Mode"

Here, when we use FTP client to connect to the host, we often have some problems that cannot be connected, and even report errors. For example, when FTP connects to a site, the error message "227 Entering Passive Mode" usually indicates that the FTP client cannot establish a data connection. To solve this problem, you can try the following methods:

1. Check firewall settings

Make sure your firewall allows FTP connections to pass through. Sometimes, the firewall may prevent the establishment of FTP data connection. You can try to disable the firewall or add FTP related rules to the firewall.

2. Check network configuration

If you are using a router or network proxy, you may need to check its configuration to ensure that the FTP connection can pass normally. Sometimes, routers or proxy servers may interfere with the establishment of FTP data connections.

3. Check the FTP server configuration

If you are connecting to your own FTP server, you need to ensure that the server configuration is correct. In the configuration file of the FTP server, there is usually a setting item for Passive Mode. Make sure that the option is correctly configured and points to the correct IP address and port range.

4. Use Active Mode

Try switching to the FTP client's Active Mode instead of Passive Mode. In some cases, passive mode may encounter connection problems, while switching to active mode can solve the problem. You can find relevant options in the FTP client settings to change them.

If none of the above methods can solve the problem, it is recommended to check the FTP server logs and error messages for more detailed information. In addition, if possible, you can also try to connect with other FTP clients to determine whether the problem is specific to a client.

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