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Which is easier to use, phpwind or discuz?

PHPWind and Discuz are currently well-known forum programs in China. If we need to do community forum websites, we will choose them. However, there are some differences between the two. Here we will simply sort them out.

1. Development Language

PHPWind: PHPWind is developed using PHP language, and MySQL is used as the back-end database.

Discuz: Discuz is also developed in the PHP language and supports a variety of database backend, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

2. Features:

PHPWind: PHPWind focuses on the community communication function, and has relatively complete basic functions such as post management, user management, and permission management. At the same time, it also supports plug-in expansion, which can be customized according to needs.

Discuz: In addition to basic post management, user management, permission management and other functions, Discuz also provides rich plug-in and template mechanisms, which can easily realize personalized customization and expansion.

3. Community size:

PHPWind: PHPWind has a large user group and community accumulation in China, and has extensive application and developer support.

Discuz: Discuz is one of the most popular community forum programs in China, with a huge user base and an active developer community.

4. Commercialization development:

PHPWind: PHPWind is relatively mature in commercialization, providing multiple versions such as the paid version and the enterprise version, as well as relevant value-added services and technical support.

Discuz: Discuz also has a commercial development model, provides the DiscuzX series products, and has a rich plug-in and theme market.

In a word, PHPWind and Discuz are open source community forum systems with complete functions and easy customization and expansion. Which system you choose depends on your specific needs, personal preferences, and your community.

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