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The difference between COM and CN domain names and which is better

Recently, we netizens have seen it The major domestic service providers of the CN domain name have successively launched promotional activities, and if they pay 10 yuan for the first year, the renewal fee is only 30 yuan. Compared with the increasing price of COM domain names, they are really much cheaper. But will CN domain name be a good website? In this article, Lao Zuo analyzes the difference between COM and CN.

First, the purpose of the domain name

At present, we need to choose mainstream service providers to build websites. For example, COM, CN, NET, etc. Do not choose domain name suffixes that are not mainstream for the slant gate. For one thing, the renewal fee is very high, and for another, the use of less is not very friendly to search engine display. Of course, if we use the website building suggestions, we can choose COM or CN. If we are just testing domain names, we can use cheap or free domain names.

Second, the difference between domain names

COM domain name belongs to international domain name, and CN domain name is our national domain name. If you do Chinese websites, you can actually use them. But if you do foreign trade website, COM is recommended. My personal understanding is that if our personal website CN is also possible. If you can choose COM, you should try your best. For enterprise users, COM and CN are generally registered.

Third, which is better

about COM and CN domain names Which is the best choice? My personal understanding is that if we can use COM domain names, but if we are not particularly concerned with brand protection. Some CNs can also be used. After all, the budget cost is low. As long as the website is well done, the domain name suffix can be used without COM.

Summary, for COM and CN domain names The relative cost of COM is more. There is no problem that CN domain names are used for Chinese websites.

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