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Linode - 6 major data centers Xen 1G memory 24GB solid state disk 2T traffic monthly payment of $10

In order to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the Linode business, we launched the long-awaited 1G memory solution. Lao Zuo knew that the earliest solution for Linode merchants was 512M memory. Ordinary hard disks also cost $19.95 per month. Then he went through April 2013 to $20 for 1GB memory, and then to April 2014 to $20 for 2GB memory. Many people are looking forward to a compromise of 1GB memory and a monthly payment of $10.

This time, we finally realized our dream and launched the 1GB scheme. The same SSD hard disk has a monthly flow of 2T, a hard disk of 24GB and a memory of 1GB.

 Linode vps1GB memory configuration

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Tutorial of purchasing pictures and texts for Linode VPS and usage of discount code

The above tutorial is the one with 2G memory scheme before, so we can choose 1G scheme in disguised form when reading and referring to it. The 1GB memory solution introduced this time can meet the needs of many users. For example, the one that was considered expensive by US $20 before, because most people cannot use 2GB memory, 512M-1GB is enough, and 1GB is enough for ordinary webmasters to install panels.

Which data center should we choose?

At present, there are six data center products in the United States, Japan, London and so on. Generally, our webmaster will choose Vermont and Japan more if it is in Chinese. If it is for foreign trade in Europe, it may choose London more, and other random users also have many, mainly based on their own needs. Even if we start to select a computer room, it can be replaced later.

Is 1GB memory enough for building a website?

General websites are enough for us to use, and also for novice webmasters to install panels. For example, we can install AMH panel It only needs tens of megabytes of memory (we can install 512M panels at the beginning). Of course, Lao Zuo likes it best if you can expand the basic memory and then the website is not enough, which means that our website is profitable. If we need to upgrade before we can use it, it is also the time when our website is profitable.

How can we purchase conveniently?

Lao Zuo believed that with Linode VPS The information about the 1GB scheme is known, and it only costs about 60 yuan. More and more users will choose this product. If we need to buy, we want to learn how to buy. There are also credit cards (or we can use Payoneer card )Then buy it yourself. If there is no way to buy, you can also find Laozuo to buy, and Laozuo's reputation is also trustworthy.

If you also need to purchase Linode, go directly to the official purchase:

If you buy it yourself, please fill in the reference code with your help 2623699f5b9edbcb99dd7f194e887dd94c851837 Let Laozuo also get promotion rewards.

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