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Seven Steps to Upgrade Ubuntu Nodejs

Node.js is an open source, cross platform JavaScript runtime environment for running JavaScript code on the server side. Different versions may have different functions. If you install an earlier version, you can upgrade later. The specific upgrade method is as follows.

Upgrade Node.js on Ubuntu through the following steps:

1. Update the system using the package manager:

 sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade

2. Install Node Version Manager (NVM):

 curl -o-  | bash

3. Close and reopen the terminal, or run the following command to make the nvm take effect:

 source ~/.bashrc

4. View the available Node.js versions:

 nvm ls-remote

5. Select the Node.js version to install, for example, v14.17.6:

 nvm install 14.17.6

6. Set the default Node.js version:

 nvm alias default 14.17.6

7. Verify Node.js and npm versions:

 node -v npm -v

These steps will install and upgrade Node.js using NVM, and set the default version. If we are not sure, we should make a backup in advance.

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