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Differences and function comparison between XFTP and XSHELL

In the previous article, Lao Zuo introduced the operation and maintenance tools needed in the operation and maintenance of Linux servers. FTP and SSH tools are provided. Among them, a netizen asked whether XFTP and XSHELL tools are different. In fact, there are differences between the two tools.

1. Different functions

XFTP mainly prefers FTP tools to visually move and download files between the server and the local, as well as between servers. XSHELL is mainly an SSH tool for editing command line operation files and command operations. Although you can also move files, the two are different.

2. How to use

Generally speaking, XFTP and XSHELL need to be installed in our O&M server. At present, these two softwares are free for personal and student purposes, and there are no restrictions. Previously, there was a limit on the number of linked servers that can be activated at the same time, but now there is no limit.

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