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Simply compare the differences between the Ubuntu server version and the desktop version

When we use the Ubuntu server image, do we see a useful desktop version, which is similar to the visual operation of the WIN system. What is also useful is the server side, which is operated by SHELL script. What are the differences and uses of these two versions.

 Simply compare the differences between the Ubuntu server version and the desktop version

1. Purpose and positioning:

Server Edition: Ubuntu Server Edition focuses on providing stable, high-performance and secure solutions in the server environment. It provides powerful tools and functions for building and managing servers, and supports remote access, server applications, and command line interfaces.

Desktop: Ubuntu Desktop is designed to provide a friendly experience for personal computers and laptops, including graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and rich applications. It is suitable for routine daily computing tasks, such as Internet browsing, media playing, office suites, etc.

2. Default package:

Server version: Ubuntu server version installs some server related software packages by default, such as Apache HTTP server, OpenSSH, MySQL database, etc. These packages are designed to meet the needs of server environments.

Desktop version: Ubuntu desktop version installs a wide range of applications and tools by default, including Web browser, office suite, multimedia player, etc., to provide a more comprehensive desktop experience.

3. Interface and user experience:

Server version: Ubuntu server version usually only provides a command line based interface, that is, a terminal. This makes it suitable for management and configuration in a server environment that does not require a graphical interface.

Desktop version: The Ubuntu desktop version provides an intuitive graphical user interface (such as GNOME, KDE, etc.) for users to operate through the mouse and keyboard.

4. Support cycle:

The support cycle of server version and desktop version is not the same. Generally speaking, the support cycle of the server version is longer to meet the long-term server requirements.

It should be noted that although the two versions differ in target markets and functions, they are both based on the same Ubuntu core system, so they still share many similar features and tools. When selecting a version, you should determine which version is more suitable for your purpose according to specific requirements and usage.

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