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Difference between version control Git and GitHub

Git and GitHub are two different concepts related to version control and code hosting.

Git is a distributed version control system that allows developers to track and manage code changes in projects. With Git, you can create a code repository, submit the code to the repository, and record the change history of each submission. Git provides powerful functions, such as branching, merging, and reversing, making team collaboration and code management more efficient and flexible.

 Difference between version control Git and GitHub

GitHub is a Git based code hosting platform. It provides a centralized cloud storage space for developers to store and share their Git repositories. On GitHub, you can create public or private code repositories and invite other developers to collaborate. GitHub also provides a series of additional functions, such as issue tracking, Pull Request, document hosting, etc. Through GitHub, developers can more easily collaborate with other developers, conduct code review and communication, and find various open source projects and communities.

Therefore, Git is a version control system for tracking and managing code changes, while GitHub is a Git based code hosting platform that enables developers to easily store, share and collaborate on code development. Git can be used independently, and GitHub is a service built on Git.

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