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10 Amazon Cloud Service Products Worthy of Free Experience

Nowadays, we prefer mainstream service providers to choose ECS as much as possible, such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud and other mainstream Internet companies have launched their own cloud service products. Moreover, the cloud products provided by these cloud service providers are relatively complete, which can basically meet our personal and enterprise business applications. We only need to meet most of the cloud business needs in one cloud service provider. Mr. Zuo also mentioned that Amazon Cloud provides free cloud service products for new customers, both individuals and enterprises. There are more than 100 free experience services, ranging from several months to one year, and even permanent free service packages.

In the previous articles, we have also compared the free cloud experience qualification provided by Amazon Cloud to that of other cloud service providers. In this article, Lao Zuo also collates and looks at Amazon cloud service products, which are worthy of our daily use. It is unrealistic to sort out all the more than 100 cloud products one by one, so I will sort out 10 cloud products that I think are more useful.

 10 Amazon Cloud Service Products Worthy of Free Experience

Note: Amazon Cloud International Edition supports individual and enterprise registration. If it is a domestic version, it only supports enterprise registration certification. Here, we are sorting out the free cloud products and services provided by Amazon Cloud International.

1. EC2 ECS

Amazon Cloud provides basic EC2 cloud server services and dozens of data centers around the world. In addition, the flexible payment policy is adopted. We can open a combination of different configurations as needed, and upgrade the ECS as needed. In addition, servers can also be deleted as needed and charged according to the length of time used to improve the utilization efficiency of our budget. EC2 ECS has the qualification to provide free experience for up to 12 months, which is of course limited by the configuration (1-core 1G package). There is no extra charge for the free package option. If we need to pay for subsequent upgrades, we need to extend the upgrade package.

2. Lightsail Virtual Server

Lightsai virtual servers are sometimes referred to as lightweight servers. Three month free ECS service is provided. Compared with EC2 server, Lightsail virtual server provides one click application deployment, 1-core 2G configuration, 3TB monthly traffic, and bandwidth is larger than EC2 server. One click SSH and one click RDP access services are supported. It can be used to build websites, cloud application configurations, etc.

3. Amazon RDS cloud database

There are free RDS database services for 12 months a year, including managed relational database services for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, or SQL Server. It provides general 20GB database storage and 20GB database backup services, which are suitable for our data separation and separate cloud database storage management businesses. In this way, we can use it for one year for free without setting up a database. The cloud database is characterized by providing complete database management and backup services, and its stability is more convenient than our own.

4. Amazon S3 Object Storage

Today, object storage should be more common, such as data storage for private and public network disks. Or it can be used for business data backup, which can improve the access speed of business. Here, Amazon Cloud S3 object storage provides free 5G storage for 12 months, and it is permanently free. If we are lightweight, we support 20000 GET requests and 2000PUT requests. Suitable for basic business purposes.

5. CloudFront CDN Service

Whether our business is local or overseas, because the cloud server and cloud network are single, we cannot ensure the speed of all node users. Therefore, the memory distribution CDN service is generally used. Here, Amazon Cloud also provides CloudFront CDN service. For each account user, there is a permanent free 1TB service. If your business volume is not large, you can use the free amount. If there are more than resources used, you need to pay additional fees to purchase paid traffic packets.

6、Amazon SES

Amazon SES. When we call Amazon SES from Amazon EC2 instances or through AWS Elastic Beanstalk, we can send 62000 messages and 1000 inbound messages to any recipient every month. Amazon SES is an email tool that also supports deployment of private, shared or own IP addresses. Reports on sender statistics and e-mail delivery rate tools can help enterprises ensure that every e-mail is delivered effectively.

7、Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch, a monitoring service based on Amazon cloud. It is suitable for monitoring alarm prompt of Amazon ECS, database and other cloud business products. We can intuitively display performance data, create alarms, and correlate data to understand and solve the root causes of performance problems in AWS resources. Especially when there are many servers in operation and maintenance and they need to respond quickly to solve problems, alarm services must be used, so that we can take problem solving strategies after receiving alarms at the first time.

8、Amazon WorkDocs

Amazon WorkDocs, a fully hosted service for secure content creation, storage, and collaboration. With Amazon WorkDocs, we can easily create, edit and share content, and since it is centrally stored on AWS, it can be accessed from anywhere on any device. Amazon WorkDocs makes it easy for you to collaborate with others, but also allows you to easily share content, provide rich feedback, and collaborate on editing documents. Amazon WorkDocs allows you to integrate existing systems and provide rich APIs so that you can develop your own rich applications. Amazon WorkDocs is built on AWS, where our content is protected on the world's largest cloud infrastructure.

9. Free migration server service

AWS Application Migration Service, which can automatically convert our source server to run on AWS natively, thus minimizing time-consuming and error prone manual processes. It also simplifies application modernization with built-in and custom optimization options. It can help us to quickly migrate data, including supporting cross regional migration to ensure data security and efficiency.

10、Amazon EFS

Amazon Cloud provides free EFS storage service for every registered user for 12 months, and each user is free of charge for 5GB. EFS can be automatically expanded as needed without pre configuring storage capacity. It can automatically adjust the performance and capacity according to the size and access mode of the file system. EFS supports multiple Amazon EC2 instances to access the same file system at the same time. This allows multiple instances to share data and file sharing between different available regions or VPCs. EFS automatically replicates data across multiple availability zones to provide high availability and durability. Data is always available even in the event of a failure or failover.

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