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NameCheap WordPress host at 30% discount for free in the first month

The NameCheap service provider we are familiar with may know that he is a domain name and SSL certificate service provider, but there are also host products that provide virtual hosts, WP dedicated hosts, servers, and so on. Last night, I helped a netizen maintain the website and saw the NameCheap WordPress host he was using, which uses the CP panel. Of course, the host of NameCheap WordPress is an overseas computer room, which is suitable for foreign trade business and not suitable for Chinese websites. There are currently active WordPress hosts at a discount of 30%. If you need to see them, they can be free for the first month.

Namecheap WordPress host solutions include EasyWP Starter, EasyWP Turbo, and EasyWP Supersonic, all of which use solid state disk storage and provide free CDN.

We can see the difference between the three schemes, disk memory, and whether SSL certificates are provided. The first month is free.

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