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Differences between XYZ domain name and COM domain name and suggestions for selection

Now the cost of new registration and renewal of COM domain names is getting higher and higher, and some friends are beginning to waver and prepare to choose other suffix domain names as websites. For example, some netizens mentioned it The cost of XYZ domain name suffix as a website is low, and some service providers even provide free services in the first year. We briefly introduce the choice and difference of XYZ and COM domain names.

I. Introduction to XYZ and COM domain names

1. XYZ domain name

. xyz is a generic top-level domain name, which was launched in 2014. Designed to provide a simple, unique and widely applicable domain name option The xyz domain name received great attention and adoption at the beginning, because it has low registration costs and no specific industry or geographical restrictions, and can be used by anyone. Due to its wide availability, the. xyz domain name is usually regarded as an innovative, young and fashionable choice.

2、. COM domain name

. com is one of the most common and popular top-level domains, representing commercial The com domain name was first launched in 1985, when it was mainly used for commercial purposes. With the development of the Internet, the. com domain name has become very popular and is now used by various types of organizations and individuals The com domain name is widely accepted and recognized worldwide, and is generally regarded as a traditional and reliable domain name choice.

Second, the difference between XYZ and COM domain names

From the introduction above, we can see that the suffixes of XYZ and COM domain names represent different meanings, but both can support individual and enterprise registration. Comparatively speaking, COM domain names are older and more reliable. Generally, our enterprises and individuals prefer COM. The XYZ domain name came into being later. We can see that there are not many well-known websites.

From the perspective of SEO search engine, XYZ is cheap or even free, and there are not many mainstream websites used, so it may not be popular in search engines, so we prefer to use COM domain names as mainstream formal websites. If it is a temporary debugging project and is not ready for long-term use, you can choose the XYZ domain name at a low cost.

In a word, if we use the suggested COM of the website regularly, if it is a temporary test business, we can use low-cost XYZ.

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