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How to update the kernel and upgrade the image source in Ubuntu

When we first select the server image, we may seldom manage the image version after the subsequent software deployment. However, with the subsequent patch of the image system and the security needs of the upgrade, we need to upgrade the kernel and image to ensure the security of the server.

1. Open terminal

Here we use SSH tool to open the server remote.

2. Update Package List

Run the following command to update the list of software packages to ensure that the latest available kernel version information is obtained:

 sudo apt update

3. View available kernel versions

Run the following command to view the available kernel versions:

 apt search linux-image

4. Install the latest kernel version

Run the following command to install the latest kernel version, where<version>is the kernel version number you want to install:

 sudo apt install linux-image-<version>

5. Update GRUB boot menu

Run the following command to update the GRUB boot menu so that the system recognizes the newly installed kernel:

 sudo update-grub

6. Restart the system

After completing the above steps, restart your system to apply the new kernel version:

 sudo reboot

Please note that updating the kernel may take some time and computing resources, and will take effect after the system restarts. Make sure you back up important data and understand the risks before doing so.

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