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The network transmission DediPath service provider is about to stop the operation of users to backup data in time

In the evening, a friend told me that maybe the DediPath service would stop running, and asked me if there was a server on it that needed to back up data in a timely manner. Lao Zuo, a DediPath service provider, still has some impressions. This service provider mainly sells independent servers and large bandwidth servers in multiple computer rooms in the United States, and has low-cost VPS host drainage products with advanced anti DDoS configuration. It will also invest some marketing resources. In addition, there are special personnel in China to connect with the domestic marketing promotion. From the perspective of the product itself, there are still some characteristics, but they still appear to be weak in marketing and the effect is not obvious. Therefore, it may be true that the online transmission may be closed.

Lao Zuo searched for information from various parties and found that several blogs had published their emails that had stopped operation. In addition, he also saw that there were heated discussions on the HOSTLOC forum. Here, I also sent a work order to ask about the situation, but I still haven't got a reply, and the online customer service hasn't replied. So no matter whether it is true or not, we still need to be ready.

1. Backup data

If our server has data, try to back up the data as soon as possible.

2. Transfer domain name

If we have a domain name in its service provider, we should move out and transfer it as soon as possible.

3. Refund fee

If the payment is made through PP and other channels, we should be able to apply for a refund complaint. Other channels don't know whether they can apply for a refund.

Later, we will see whether the official DediPath has replied to the exact email. If there is a reply, we will update it.

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