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Whether the free VPS ECS is reliable and how to choose a free host

With the development of the Internet today, the cost of our cloud servers and hosts has been much lower than in the early years. For some friends, they still want to find cheap or even free ECS VPS hosts. Of course, some hosting companies attract users and will also launch short-term or long-term free VPS ECS products. Lao Zuo has also introduced free and cheap ECS vendors and products before, and even experienced free servers presented by service providers. Some are stable, some seem to be configured well, but the speed is very slow. Some often fail and even have hard disk damage and data loss.

As for the choice of free VPS ECS, we should pay attention to several issues.

1. Irregular backup

Whether we choose a paid server or a free server, our business still needs irregular backup. Ensure data security. Even if we choose a big name mainstream service provider, there may be problems, such as server security problems, data disk problems, or even data loss caused by our man-made problems. Data backup is very important.

2. Reputation of service providers

We can't say that the old service providers must be stable, and the new service providers must be unreliable. Any service provider starts from a new one. We need to check the reputation and evaluation of service providers, and of course, we need to test ourselves. For free or cheap servers, we can also experience, for example, some service providers also provide free experience services.

3. Try to choose to pay

As the saying goes, there is no free lunch in the sky. So the same is true when choosing a server. We also need to pay for the server ourselves. Some service providers promote free servers that provide free services and exchange resources. If they do fail, we can't find them. Some service providers even offer inferior servers to users for free. We try to pay for them, which is equivalent to the agreement that requires businesses to provide certain services.

In short, the short-term experience test of free service providers is OK, and long-term use of Laozuo is not recommended.

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