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Features of European G-port server rental merchants recommending large bandwidth G-port servers

We see that many European servers are configured with 100M bandwidth or 50M bandwidth, with unlimited traffic. However, for games or large bandwidth services, it may be necessary European G-port server Or servers with larger bandwidth, such as servers with 100G bandwidth. The bandwidth of the G port, 10G port and even 100G port of American servers is quite common, but it is still rare for European G port servers. If we need to choose a few, Laozuo also recommends them here.

First RackNerd G port server

RackNerd service provider Many of our friends should know that they provide VPS hosts with low annual payment. It is mainly based on multiple computer rooms in the United States, but merchants also have large bandwidth European independent servers with 1G ports, 20G ports and 40G ports, including British data centers, American data centers and Canadian data centers.

 Features of high bandwidth G-port servers recommended by European G-port server rental merchants - Sheet 1

CPU Memory Hard disk Price Buy Link
E3-1230v3 32G DDR3 1T SSD $509 Click here to buy
E-2136 32G DDR4 1T NVMe $679 Click here to buy
2*E5-2630v4 64G DDR4 1T NVMe $807 Click here to buy
2*E5-2695v4 128G DDR4 2*1T NVMe $1189 Click here to buy
AMD EPYC 7642 128G DDR4 2*1T NVMe $1444 Click here to buy
AMD EPYC 7702P 128G DDR4 2*1T NVMe $1699 Click here to buy

The above package is a 10G port server, with optional European and British computer rooms.

Second, candy host European server

Candy Hosts, the well-known SugarHosts hosting company, was once famous for virtual hosts. At present, businesses also provide cloud servers, independent servers and cluster servers. The European computer room includes three data centers in Germany, the Netherlands and France.

 Features of High bandwidth G-port Server Recommended by European G-port Server Rental Merchants - Sheet 2

The candy host server in the German data center has 1G bandwidth and 20TB traffic. The 100M bandwidth adopted by the Dutch and French computer rooms does not limit the traffic. The server will be launched within 24 hours after application. Alipay payment and Chinese customer service are supported.

In conclusion, the above two service providers provide European independent servers with more than G ports. If we need to choose, we can refer to them.

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