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DMIT HK CN2 GIA high-end line replenishment 100M bandwidth monthly payment of $39.9

DMIT, an overseas cloud service provider established in 2018, is characterized by providing Hong Kong cloud servers, including high-end Premium Network lines and conventional Eyeball Network lines. For the former, many domestic friends may choose more, often referred to as CN2 GIA boutique network. The line adopts the two-way CN2 GIA of Telecom, and the AS10099+AS4837 of Unicom. The mobile backbone line is directly connected, and the 100M bandwidth starts.

 Limited time DMIT Japan CN2 GIA ECS 50% discount code annual payment $199 100M bandwidth

Hong Kong CN2 GIA Test IP:

Package Memory CPU Hard disk bandwidth flow Monthly payment purchase
TINY 1G 1 core 20G 100M 400G/month $39.9 link
STARTER 2G 1 core 40G 100M 800G/month $70 link
MINI 2G 2 cores 60G 200M 1.2T/month $110 link
MICRO 4G 2 cores 80G 200M 1.6T/month $140 link
MEDIUM 4G 4-core ·60G 200M 1.8T/month $180 link
LARGE 8G 4-core 240G 200M 2.4T/month $240 link
GIANT 16G 8 cores 320G 500M 4.8T/month $500 link
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