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Complete AliCloud ECS successful purchase tutorial and ECS VPS performance evaluation

Alibaba Cloud Server has taken advantage of the brand advantage of Alibaba Group and incorporated the original HiChina domain name, virtual machine and other resources. At present, Alibaba Cloud Server already has ECS, domain name, host, free DNS, and the public DNS just released a few days ago. It can be said that Alibaba is bound to make a difference in this ecosystem. As our webmaster, we may choose which one provides more cost-effective products. Even if you have a great reputation or an unknown personal service provider, we will finally choose the evaluation standard that integrates price and performance.

Since May 28, 2014, the price of AliCloud ECS has been reduced again. The minimum 512M scheme of Qingdao Data Center has been reduced to 49.5 yuan per month. Compared with other domestic service providers, even the price of virtual hosts is the same. Therefore, more and more users have gradually abandoned virtual hosts (including foreign vendors) and started to choose VPS host products, which have advantages in price and configuration, Moreover, it has a good environmental foundation for the operation of our website (independent IP you know).

In this article, Lao Zuo will share his own practical test of the complete Alibaba Cloud ECS purchase tutorial (absolute fresh-keeping practical purchase), as well as a comprehensive performance test after purchase.

Step 1: Log in to the full AliCloud ECS website

ECS website:

 AliCloud server ESC interface

After logging in to the ESC server interface, you can see such an interface on the right (if we don't have an AliCloud account, we'd better register one first. If it is a new account, please refer to“ Get a 20 yuan voucher for new registered users of Alibaba Cloud Server for free "Get a voucher for the tutorial), ready to buy, click the" Buy Now "button link.

Step 2: Select ECS ESC scheme

 AliCloud server ESC scheme selection

We can choose the CPU, memory, bandwidth, data center and operating system according to our website/project needs, as well as the time we need to purchase. Because Laozuo is a test buyer, he needs to buy for one month in order to write a tutorial. If we are going to use it for a long time, we suggest buying it for one year (only 10 months for one year, so it is worth paying annually or 2-3 years). At present, the minimum monthly price of Qingdao Data Center is 49.5 yuan, and the minimum monthly price of Hangzhou and Beijing is 55 yuan. I don't recommend buying Hong Kong Data Center. First, the price is expensive. Second, the line is not direct but bypass.

Step 3: Check and confirm the order payment

 Check order

Check our order.

 Use of AliCloud vouchers

When we pay, we will see Lao Zuo“ Get a 20 yuan voucher for new registered users of Alibaba Cloud Server for free "It can also save 20 yuan for us directly if it works. The voucher activity is not available every day. If you have it, you can use it. If not, we will pay normally. Anyway, the price is very cheap.

We can choose Alipay, online banking and other payment methods.


Step 4: View the product activation information

 ECS activation information

We can see an ECS machine on the console. At the same time, our SMS messages and mailboxes will receive the public IP address and ROOT user password information.

So far, our AliCloud ECS has been launched. After drinking tea, Laozuo will evaluate the performance of this machine.

Alibaba Cloud ECS performance evaluation

First, configuration scheme

 Alibaba Cloud Evaluation - Configuration

I bought the Qingdao data center with a core CPU, 512M memory and 1Mbps bandwidth.

II. IO hard disk test


Third, PING test


We can see that the domestic telecommunications, China Unicom, multi line and other lines are very excellent, and the local project of building a Chinese site in a down-to-earth manner is still very good.

IV. WGET download test

 Alibaba Cloud server download test

Fifth, unixbench test score

 Aliyun score

The unixbench score is not too high. It is mainly related to bandwidth and other issues. After all, Laozuo chose to purchase 1MBPS bandwidth, but this bandwidth is enough for us to run websites, and if there is not enough, we can upgrade online at any time.

In conclusion, AliCloud ECS products are still suitable for our public consumption from the perspective of cost performance. If we want to build a website or run a project formally, we can choose to buy this product, brand, reputation and development trend. Compared with other domestic cloud host products, AliCloud is a real product in progress, It is not a project that other portal merchants take along to make products. After all, after the acquisition of Wanwang, the original team and operation have a good foundation.

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