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Tencent Cloud 618 is a rare choice of three-year ECS for new and old customers

As one of the well-known mainstream cloud service products in China, Tencent cloud service providers have comparative advantages in terms of stability and ecological richness of cloud products. In particular, the discount for new and old customers is more sincere than that for some domestic service providers only for new customers. This 618 year official event has also been launched. If we need to purchase cloud products, we can choose from more than 100 products to provide our own benefits. For example, there are full and reduced vouchers for new and old customers, and cloud servers for new and old customers for up to three years, including CDN, COS and other cloud products.

For ordinary developer users, ECS or conventional cloud products are purchased more, but for AI, CDN, COS and other cloud ecological products, some business users will be useful. Let's simply take a look at the activities of Tencent Cloud 618 this year. In particular, there are three-year cloud servers for new and old customers, and those that need cloud servers can be purchased.

1. Best selling limited time activities

The first purchase of new customers in a limited time rotation every day. Here, I personally recommend an ECS with a three-year package. If there is no special indication that it is the first purchase of new customers or products, new and old customers can purchase without restriction. For example, I will use CDN domestic traffic.

2. Free server

Users who purchase any commodity in this zone can obtain the qualification of receiving gifts, and select gifts synchronously when placing an order. One of two options is required for the gift welfare: free renewal, or free receipt of another one;

We can choose to give away a separate ECS for three months or directly renew it to the purchased server package. I have chosen this scheme before, and if I renew it directly, it will be paid directly for 15 months.

3. Full or reduced vouchers received

It is applicable to the following prepaid products (except for seckill products): ECS CVM, domestic lightweight application server Lighthouse, cloud disk service, object storage COS, data Vientiane CI, enterprise network disk, cloud access security agent CASB, T-Sec bastion machine, T-Sec Tianyu verification code, data security audit SaaS type, host security authorization.

4. Developer specific benefits

If we need to purchase in batches, we can use this activity, and purchase 10 ECS and lightweight servers first. Of course, there are also cloud resolution and first order discounts.

5. First order discount for newcomers

The above cloud products are mainly servers. For new customers, if we need other cloud products, we can see more than 100 cloud product activities here, including cloud database, CDN storage, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, etc.

6. Shared by new and old customers

Tencent cloud service providers are more sincere in that they have certain benefits for both new and old customers, unlike some service providers who basically have no discounts for old customers. Here, regular customers can also enjoy certain discounts, including the full deduction of the above vouchers.

In conclusion, the above is the current Tencent Cloud 618 mid year event main venue event products. It is suitable for our new and old customers to purchase. If we do not purchase this time, the next promotion may end at the end of the year.

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