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JUSTG newly added Japanese VPS host, 50% discount, 500M bandwidth monthly payment starting from $9.99

In the previous article, we have introduced this JUSTG host company, which provides two VPS hosts in South Africa and Russia, and now has a new VPS host in Japan Softbank line room. Of course, the host company has an English interface. In fact, it was founded by Chinese people. If we meet many host companies, they are all like this. First, we want to do global business. Second, we have an English interface, which is very tall. In fact, we need to explain that it should be a Chinese service provider. The newly added Japanese computer rooms offer half price activities, starting with 500M bandwidth, and half price of $9.99+.

This Softbank VPS The host adopts KVM virtual, SSD array, 500Mbps bandwidth, with an IPv4 address and three network Softbank lines. If necessary, IPv4 can be increased by $3 for one and $6 for two.

Memory CPU Hard disk flow bandwidth Price choice
512M 1 core 10G 500G/month 500M $9.99/month link
1G 2 cores 20G 1T/month 500M $19.99/month link
2G 3 cores 40G 2T/month 500M $29.99/month link
4G 4-core 80G 3T/month 500M $39.99/month link
8G 5 cores 160G 4T/month 500M $49.99/month link
16G 6 cores 240G 5T/month 500M $89.99/month link
24G 7 cores 320G 6T/month 500M $119.99/month link

Japan machine room test IP:

Here, we simply test the performance.

From the global PING test nodes, we can see that the speed of Asian nodes is relatively good, especially our domestic speed access is relatively low.

The route of the test telecom node is 202.97.

China Unicom node can see that it goes to Japan directly from Shanghai 219 node.

The mobile node also goes out from the 221.183 node in Shanghai. The overall speed and nodes are relatively good. After all, they are relatively good Softbank node lines.

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