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SpartanHost Spartan Seattle VPS Replenishment - Sannet 4837 10G large port

Sparta( SpartanHost ), an American host company founded in 2013, with Seattle and Dallas data centers. SpartanHost provides VPS solutions including Linux and Windows operating systems, and supports multiple configurations to meet customers of different sizes and needs. This replenishment of Seattle VPS provides 20G protection for free by default, and can be upgraded to 200G protection for a fee (4 dollars per month). At present, all VPS hard disks in Sparta are upgraded to NVMe SSD, and the price remains unchanged except for the lowest configuration. The price performance ratio is good.

Discount code: KVM20 (It can be folded and used with annual payment automatic 8)

Package plan:

VPS hosts use E5-2690v4 and 10Gbps bandwidth, which is limited to 5Mbps when the traffic exceeds

Memory CPU Hard disk flow Price choice
2048M 2 cores 30G 3T/month $10/month link
2560M 2 cores 38G 3.5T/month $12.5/month link
3072M 3 cores 45G 4T/month $15/month link
4096M 4-core 60G 5T/month $20/month link
6144M 4-core 90G 7T/month $30/month link
8192M 5 cores 120G 9T/month $40/month link
10240M 5 cores 150G 11T/month $50/month link
16384M 6 cores 300G 17T/month $80/month link
20480M 7 cores 345G 21T/month $100/month link

Machine room test IP:


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