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Characteristics of MySQL and MariaDB databases

MySQL and MariaDB are both relational database management systems (RDBMS) based on SQL language, but they have some differences.

MySQL was developed by MySQL AB of Sweden, later acquired by Sun Microsystems, and then by Oracle. MySQL code is licensed based on the GPL (GNU General Public License), but it also provides a commercial license. MySQL is widely used in Web applications, especially in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) software, because it is easy to install, configure, and use.

MariaDB is a MySQL branch developed by Michael Widenius, one of the founders of MySQL. MariaDB is very similar to MySQL, but it has some additional features and improvements, such as better performance, more storage engine options, better security, and open source protocols. Some users begin to say that they like this database, and it has also been applied to many software.

The use of the two databases is very similar, but the specific disadvantages and advantages are not obvious to ordinary users. Here is a brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of MySQL and MariaDB:

First, MySQL's advantages and disadvantages

1. Advantages

Stability: MySQL has existed for a long time and has been widely tested and used, so it is highly stable.

Wide support: MySQL has become one of the most popular databases in web applications, so there are many prefabricated libraries and tools available.

Easy to use: MySQL is easy to install and configure, and has many documents and community support.

2. Disadvantages

Price: Although MySQL is open source, if you need commercial support, you need to purchase a commercial license.

Security: Because MySQL is widely used in Web applications, it has become the target of hacker attacks. Therefore, security is an important issue.

Storage Engine Limit: By default, MySQL only supports one storage engine (InnoDB). Although other storage engines are available, only one can be selected.

Second, advantages and disadvantages of MariaDB

1. Advantages

Performance: MariaDB has better performance than MySQL because it can handle more concurrent connections and queries.

Open source code: MariaDB uses the GPL license for authorization, so it is completely open source code, without the need for commercial licenses.

More storage engine options: MariaDB supports multiple storage engines, including XtraDB, Aria, MyRocks, etc. This allows users to select the most suitable storage engine according to specific needs.

2. Disadvantages

Community support: Although MariaDB has a large user community, it is still smaller than MySQL, so it may not have related tools and libraries.

A few features are incompatible: Although MariaDB is based on MySQL, some features are incompatible, resulting in some adjustments during migration.

Slow update of new technologies: MySQL develops new technologies faster than MariaDB, so it may take a while for MariaDB to keep up with the latest technology trends.

In conclusion, if we use MYSQL for regular projects, we recommend that we use it. But if we are confident in our technical ability and have studied the database in depth, you can choose the one you like according to your needs.

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