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Is it necessary to enable the website SSL protocol? The role of SSL certificate enabling

Today, we also saw some netizens in the community asking whether it is necessary to open the SSL certificate for the website. However, it is undeniable that for Baidu search engine, sometimes there is some probability that SSL certificate inclusion speed and easy inclusion will not be enabled, but probably we can see that most websites use HTTPS encrypted URLs. In addition, in Google's search engine, websites that use SSL certificates are weighted by extra points. Therefore, we use it in websites. Laozuo suggested that HTTPS should be started.

The role of the website to enable the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol is to protect the security and privacy of user data. When the website uses SSL protocol to encrypt communication, the following functions can be realized:

Data encryption: The SSL protocol encrypts and decrypts data by using public and private keys to ensure that the data transmitted between the client and the server is not eavesdropped and tampered with by hackers.

Identity authentication: SSL certificate can verify the identity of the website to ensure that users visit a legitimate website, rather than a forged website. In this way, users can safely enter personal information, passwords and other security information on the website.

Improve trust: The SSL certificate can be displayed on the browser's address bar with a green lock logo, indicating that the website uses SSL protocol to encrypt data, which can improve users' trust in the website and enhance the brand image.

Improve search ranking: Google and other search engines have begun to take websites using SSL protocol as one of the factors for ranking search results, which means that websites using SSL protocol may get better search ranking. Compared with Baidu search engine, it will do the same.

To sum up, opening the SSL protocol on a website can protect users' privacy and security, improve users' trust in the website, and also help improve the website's search ranking.

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