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Network Solutions Registration COM domain name $2.95, with a simple explanation of the purchase tutorial

When we mention the domain name registrar of Network Solutions, how many understandings will we have? First, there are often low-cost domain name promotions, such as 0.99, 0.5 and other domain name activities; The second and second year renewal fees are more expensive, up to 34 dollars, so we should try our best to transfer before the expiration of the second year. Recently, I saw friends mention that it is possible to register NS domain names cheaply. So Lao Zuo found that the normal registration currently only costs $2.95 per domain name when sorting out the business offers.

Step 1: Login with preferential links

NS domain name registration discount link: New registration COM domain name only costs 2.95 dollars


Search the domain name we need to register in the domain name search box, and then click SEARCH to check whether it is registered.

Step 2: Add shopping cart


It is detected that the domain name is not registered, and then click ADD TO CART to add it to the shopping cart. To see whether to add a virtual host product, we don't need to click NO THANKS

Step 3: Create a new account


If we do not have an account, we will create a new account and enter our email address.

Step 4. Choose a scheme


We only need the domain name, so we only choose the first CONTINUE.

Step 5: Is Domain Name Protection Required


We certainly don't need domain name protection, even if the protection is good, because what we need here is cheap domain names.

Step 6: Check the domain name fee


It's important here. We need to set the domain name to one year and remove the privacy protection that may be added together by default. Then we see that the price of the domain name is $2.95. In the discount code position, it is generally used to enter the discount code. By default, the discount code that does not need to be entered here is $2.95. If a friend changes the price when buying, he can notify Lao Zuo, which may be invalid or for other reasons.

In a word, we should remember that if the price is not as cheap as we saw when we made the final payment, we will not pay.

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