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Create free Windows remote desktop with Amazon Lightsail lightweight host

The product ecosystem of Amazon Cloud is also quite rich. In addition to the EC2 ECS we know, there are also Amazon Lightsail lightweight ECS. If we have registered an Amazon cloud account, we are eligible for 12 months of free use of lightweight servers. For example, we can use lightweight servers to build a remote Windows desktop office environment. This tutorial requires an overseas account of Amazon Cloud Technology. At present, you can also enjoy the 12 month free package , including EC2 and other popular products.

Step 1: Start the Amazon Lightsail instance

Find Lightsail under Compute in all services, and click to open the Lightsail control panel.

After entering the Amazon Lightsail welcome interface, click Create instance to create and configure a Lightsail instance. You can also select Chinese from the language options in the lower right corner for easy setting.

Step 2: Configure Remote Desktop

In the pop-up setting interface, from top to bottom, you can select:

IP location of the virtual desktop;

Operating system platform (it is recommended that beginners choose Windows for easy management. If there is no special requirement for the virtual desktop system version, the latest version of Windows is enough);

Configuration and payment plan (at present, the configuration of free trial can be experienced for 3 months);

After selecting, click Create Instance.

If the instance status is "Pending", it means that a Lightsail instance is being created for you.

Step 3: Start Remote Desktop

Wait a moment, and the instance displays "Running", indicating that the configuration has been completed. And there will be an icon of the display in the upper right corner.

After clicking the display icon, the virtual desktop window will pop up.

Step 4. Using Remote Desktop

Virtual keyboard input can be called.

You can also use the remote clipboard function in the lower right corner to enter characters, and then copy and paste them into the remote desktop.

Use the browser in the virtual desktop to query the IP address of the current remote desktop. Of course, the server IP address is also the address of our current remote desktop.

In this way, can we easily use Amazon Cloud lightweight cloud servers to build remote desktops, and of course, we can also build other Linux system applications like EC2 servers.

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