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Resolve DNS_ PROBE_ FINISHED_ NXDOMAIN website reported an error

One netizen reported that after his website was parsed to the server, he opened the website with an error "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN". This is the first time I have encountered this problem. Literally, it should be a DNS resolution problem. Here I will check the combing process.

1. PING Check IP

Here, check whether the server is available, and confirm that the current server IP is available and has data. Then ping whether his domain name is connected to his IP address.

2. Check for DNS problems

Here I see the domain name given by the virtual host he uses. Of course, here he uses the DNS of the host company. I probably suspect that this problem is the cause. I directly replaced his DNS with the third-party DNSPOD DNS that we are familiar with.

Wait for the resolution to succeed.

It did not take effect at the beginning. Wait a few hours before it takes effect.

3. Refresh Browser

My original Firefox browser still doesn't work here, but I can use other browsers. It should be the current browser cache problem.

In conclusion, the problem should be the DNS problem of the domain name presented by other host companies. I use third-party DNS to solve the problem. Of course, if SSL and CDN are useful, they should be checked again.

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