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In 2023, Alibaba Cloud will promote new users' ECS by 99 yuan in the new spring purchase season

The 2023 spring purchase season of all cloud service providers will be launched. Alibaba Cloud, which has not released activities for a long time, will also have activities this time. If we need new purchase, re purchase and renewal, we can check it in the spring activities. For new customers, the cloud server 2G configuration scheme is as low as 99 yuan a year. At the same time, there are cloud products suitable for new and old users to repurchase.

Let's take a look at the activities of the first purchasing season. The activity ended on March 31.

1. Cloud Gift Bag Benefits

After completing the real name certification, you can get a coupon of 2215 yuan.

Here we can get full reduced AliCloud voucher coupons.

2. Popular cloud product welfare

ECS is as low as 10%, and other surrounding ECS are also relevant.

We can see cloud servers, lightweight servers, cloud resolution, etc.

3. Shared by new and old users

The products here are suitable for new and old users, but the prices of different users will automatically vary, and new customers will enjoy greater discounts, for example, as low as 99 yuan per year for ECS.

4. AliCloud shadowless desktop

If we need to work remotely or hang up a remote computer, we can choose the shadowless desktop.

5. Hot cloud products

There are hundreds of cloud product promotions. We can see if there are suitable ones.

Generally, it is cheaper for us to choose a fixed package during the event than to choose a customized package alone.

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